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"Towards the poetics of sound: Federico Durand and his album La Estrella Dormida"

Perhaps music should be understood like poetry: without concrete meanings, solely with the emotional profusion it produces.

Marcel Proust used to say that music could easily be “the unique example of what might have been –if the invention of language, the formation of words, the analysis of ideas had not intervened– the means of communication between souls.” In Federico Durand’s album, La estrella dormida (The Sleeping Star), we can clearly appreciate this beautiful pondering, which yearns for a harmonious interpretation.


You can read this beautiful review following this LINK.


Thank you very much Jaen Madrid and Faena Aleph!

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A very special collaboration

A very special collaboration :

Stephan Mathieu - Nachtstücke


Four pieces, 260 minutes 

with a special contribution by Federico Durand (tape-loops)

13-page PDF booklet by Caro Mikalef for Cabina

You can purchase this album HERE.

11 January 2015 

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Hawái - Best albums of 2014

Buenas tardes! "La estrella dormida" (White Paddy Mountain) seleccionado entre los mejores discos del año, entre muchos de mis discos favoritos del 2014, por la prestigiosa revista Hawái. Felicidad!
Good afternoon! My album "La estrella dormida" was selected by the wonderful page Hawái along with many of my 2014 favorite ones. Have a nice day!

You can read the review of "La estrella dormida" by Hawái HERE.

Thank you very much Hawái!